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We need your help as Corbett Meadow is still under threat. The recently published Draft Dudley Local Plan proposes the Meadow be designated as a regionally important Site of Interest for Nature Conservation, an Area of High Historic Landscape Value and as a Local Green Space which would give it the same level of protection as Green Belt - Please take a look at the draft local plan and make your views known before December 22nd.  Once it's gone it's gone forever !!

Friends of Corbett Meadow

Eco Health and Wellbeing 


The Corbett Meadow was originally gifted to the people of Stourbridge in 1893 by the businessman and philanthropist, “Salt King” John Corbett, for the building of a local hospital to be built in (and around) an 18th century mansion called “The Hill”. This Georgian building and other hospital buildings were demolished when the Hospital Trust sold the land it was on for housing, which was then built on the site and part of the grounds, in 2010. ( See attached " The Last Meadow" by Robert Bevan Jones and Helen Cook).

Where is Corbett Meadow

The Corbett Meadow sits between Vicarage Road , Amblecote, the main Stourbridge to Wolverhampton Road and Collis Street at the heart of Amblecote, Stourbridge.  It is also adjacent to Colebourne Brook , the allotments , and the local primary school forming part of the land upon which the Corbett Hospital now sits. ( See attached map) 

The Future 

The land was recently declared surplus to requirements by the local NHS Trust . A range of stakeholders including the local community represented by the Corbett Meadows Action group, the Amblecote Allotments Society , Stourbridge Community Development Trust, councillors and local health professionals are opposing development of the land for housing whilst proposing that a social prescribing green surgery approach to the retention of the land  would not only be in the interests of the health and wellbeing of the local community but would provide positive benefits to the local economy and the future development of the town of Stourbridge. 


Friends of Corbett Meadows has been formed by a range of stakeholders to propose the creation of an Eco Health and Wellbeing Centre for the benefit of the local community of Amblecote , the wider community of Stourbridge and the Black Country. 







The Last meadow

"Once its Gone its gone Forever"

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