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We have won!


The Corbett Meadow is Saved!

After a long battle the breaking news shared with the Corbett Meadow Action Group by Suzanne Webb MP for Stourbridge on a beautiful sunny morning overlooking the green oasis in the heart of Amblecote was met with huge sighs of relief, joy and spontaneous clapping of hands as the required outcome of our campaign became a reality.

Reflecting, the outcome is fantastic for everyone living in and around Stourbridge and just goes to show that fabled David and Goliath situations can be emulated by a small team of enthusiastic, committed and knowledgeable local people overcoming all the odds against a huge organisation like Persimmon. We are grateful too for the sound advice, guidance and support from the Birmingham & Blackcountry Wildlife Trust who helped considerably to attain designation of the meadow as being of Importance for Nature Conservation [SINC], thus affording greater protection from housing development.

This wasn't however just a victory for CMAG, it also reflects the huge support we received from across the community through over 1000 supporters joining our Facebook Group and especially for those 400 people who submitted letters of objection against the proposed planning application - a real example of "people power" leading to what is a justified and the right decision for the Dudley NHS Trust to determine that the Corbett Meadow is not surplus to their operational requirements.

We now look forward to working with Dudley NHS Trust to shape our vision for the future use of the meadow to best benefit the health and well-being of the local community.

It is a great day for the people of Stourbridge and honours John Corbett's legacy to the people of Stourbridge to whom he bequeathed the land many years ago".

Photos show the CMAG Group in celebration looking over the Corbett meadow.

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